Monday, October 31, 2011

Out now!

It's finally here! Very exciting.

You can buy the digital downloads from Amplifier (320k MP3), iTunes, and other digital stores. Amplifier has a special bonus tune - Marshall Law Dub [listen], which we recorded with Mike Hodgson (now of Pitch Black).

ITunes has a bonus track too  - our cover version of Head Like A Hole's song Air [listen]. You can also grab the digital versions in any format you want from our Bandcamp page. Also available at  Marbecks DigitalDigirama.

If you want the CD, Amplifier ship it across NZ and worldwide too. And the CD is in all good CD stores.

Cheers! Hope you like it.


  1. Hey Picassos

    I'm super excited that you guys have made your music available again. I have just downloaded some of the tracks from Amplifier but when I came to play Marshall Law Dub, what actually plays is Smokin and Fumin... something not quite right there. Also, where can I download the lyrics/liner notes etc from?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi Nelly, glad you are excited about our music being available again, so are we. That's odd about Marshall Law Dub, I will check with Amplifier. The liner notes are up with the album on Bandcamp, I'll try and sort out getting them up here too, or flick me an email (see Contacts). Thanks.