Thursday, September 4, 2014

New EP from Hallelujah Picassos, out Sept 12

Press release 

Bullet That Breaks The Key - New EP from Hallelujah Picassos, out Sept 12

Following on from their insanely catchy new single Salvadore (Miles Away From You), released in July to widespread acclaim and much aroha, Hallelujah Picassos return with a brand new digital EP.

The four song EP features Salvadore (Miles Away From You) in its original form, plus a special beat-heavy remix of Salvadore by Dub Asylum (Peter McLennan) vs Pains People (John Pain).

Salvadore has featured extensively on the playlists of BFM, KiwiFM, Radio Active, RDU and Radio One, and appeared on the top ten charts voted by listeners of BFM, KiwiFM and RDU.

Next up, one of their early numbers, Crack Dub (off their debut album Hateman In Love), gets reversioned by the band as Cracked Salvation, a warm, mellow, dubby number, and then we have a raucous, noisy guitar tune, called Hang All Bankers, lyrically inspired by the 2008 financial crisis, and how our politics is ruled by money. It’s a battle cry for the huddled masses. “Let karma be your hell-hound…”

Money, politics, and corruption are themes that runs thru some of the songs featured here. The EP title refers to the key to Pandora's box, and the mythology around it.

The band came together in 2013 to follow up on their reissues (Rewind The Hateman in 2011, Picasso Core Jukebox in 2012) with a handful of live shows with the likes of Drab Doo Riffs, Bloodbags, and Labretta Suede and the Motel 6.

The lads enjoyed playing together again immensely, so they continued on their merry way, blasting through old tunes and writing some new gems. Their last recorded outing was 18 years ago.

The current lineup of the band features the original members – Roland on vocals, Bobbylon on drums and vocals, Peter McLennan on guitars, with Darryn Harkness on bass (Loud Ghost / New Telepathics / Braintree), and original bass player John Pain, shifting to keyboards – his original instrument before joining the Picassos.

The EP was recorded and produced by Daryn Harkness, John Pain and Hallelujah Picassos at the Institute for Telepathic Research, and mastered by Angus McNaughton. Cover art image by Erin Forsyth. Released on Loopy Fruit Recordings, 2014. Cat no PCORP006

track listing
Salvadore (miles away from you)
Hang All Bankers
Cracked Salvation
Salvadore Dub Asylum vs Pains People Remix

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