Monday, February 4, 2013

Clap your hands

This video turned up on the revived Deepgrooves website, and has also surfaced on Youtube. I directed this video for my band Hallelujah Picassos, in 1989. I was at art school, and we knew Mark Tierney from BFM, where he was in-house studio engineer, prior to going to work at the Lab recording studio for Bill Lattimer. We recorded with Mark at both BFM and The Lab.

When Mark scored this tv co-hosting gig (alongside Robert Rakete and Lani Gifford), I was able to hit him up for some TVNZ film stock (16mm positive), and he got me into TVNZ to do the film to video transfer/telecine, and then scored me some editing time, all done via contra under the auspices of the tv show CV. This was how NZ bands got videos made before NZ On Air funding came along.

I hired a cameraman and his camera, we borrowed a studio to film in, and I bought fish and chips for all our mates who came along as extras. Total cost of video = $138. The other band in this clip, Drone, were also at art school, coincidentally.

from the Deepgrooves website:

"Mark's CV:  Bit of a tangent here, but note worthy none the less. Prior to forming the label in 1991, Mr. Tierney was quite a well known TV "personality" fronting, along with a couple of others, a music show called CV. We were at the time, oddly enough, fans of both of these bands.

Bob and Harold would later form the Riot Riddum Sound System (2R2S) and would go onto record a number of tracks for the label including Home Girl (produced by Mr. Tierney), which featured on our first compilation. Bobbylon would also later guest on 3 The Hard Way's Hip Hop Holiday. We currently have a number of 2R2S DAT tapes slotted in line to be digitized and uploaded. "

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