Monday, March 5, 2012

Out now!

The brand new Hallelujah Picassos reissue Picasso Core Jukebox hits digital stores (see Amplifier, iTunesDigiramaMarbecks Digital, etc) today! Very exciting. It's a collection of our cover versions, newly remastered and sounding rather splendid. Listen to it here, on Bandcamp.

You can catch Peter talking about the new reissue on the radio today (Monday) on KiwiFM at 835am, and on Radio Ponsonby at 1130am, and also on Tuesday morning, Peter will be on GeorgeFM at 7.20am, and  BaseFM Breakfast around 8am.

We've also had coverage online from NZ Musician, Cheese On Toast, and Conch Records.  Cheers! More coming. And big thanks to BFM's Stinky Jim and Andrew Tidball for giving us a spin last week.


  1. Will this be coming out on CD, or download only?

  2. And if download only, what about Flac for an uncompressed option?

  3. Hi -this is digital only. We havent got the bucks to do it on cd, unfortunately. You can get a sneak preview of it over at Amplifier, they have the e-booklet there for download...
    see theres a link at the top

    FLAC option is available from our Bandcamp page.

    thanks for the questions!

  4. All good, I'll download tonight!